The Eritrea Gold

A lot of gold mining companies these days are expanding their focus in Africa and to the northeast regions of the continent. Eritrea is believed to contain rich mineral sources for gold, marble, potash, copper, natural gas and silver. There are some companies that were given permissions in various parts of the country for gas, gold and petroleum explorations. The overall potential of gas, gold and petroleum is found to be high in this part of Africa. Mining is also believed to have this huge potential of contributing to Eritrea’s economic growth.

Precious metal mining companies are slowly emerging in Africa and in the northeastern part of the continent. In the past, Eritrea was an area that was easily bypassed by these explorers. The Northeastern part of Africa includes gold deposits in a threshold size of around one million troy oz. Eritrea initially increased mineral explorations due to the significant explorations in the Arabian Nubian Protect. This African country is considered as the main Arabian Nubian Protect, an unexplored area that host valuable deposits including copper mineral, gold, potash and zinc. It is the knowledge of the Arabian Nubian Project; an organization related with over gold miners, extended in Eritrea and attracted interest towards this country which is bordered along the Red Sea, Sudan and Djibouti.

Eritrea Mining Industry

While Eritrea’s deposits aren’t likely to compete with those of the huge African countries (such as Congo and South Africa), Eritrea’s gold deposits take advantage of their favorable mining economics due to minimal vegetation and overburden. The deposits will be located near developed infrastructure like easy port entry. A lot of mining executives say that the biggest barrier for mining in the country is its aridity. Gold mining needs considerable amount of water but with limited sources in this area, miners need to pipe or truck drinking water into the site.